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Perfect Sandwich 2

The idea behind Contain This! started years ago when my dad was taking a cross-country plane trip and decided against packing a sandwich. When I asked him why, he responded, "I hate how soggy sandwiches get after sitting out for a few hours!" That's when I thought, "in this age of iphones and flat screen televisions, how are we still suffering from the age-old soggy sandwich problem?" I did my research and Perfect Sandwich was born!

Contain This! is dedicated to providing food transport solutions that help you and your family enjoy the lunch you took so much time and money to prepare. We do this by creating products that keep wet and dry ingredients separate, fresh and cool until the last possible moment—just like at home. We have kicked off our product launch with Perfect Sandwich but expect more innovative products from us as we tackle other meal/snack items.

Contain This! keeps food as fresh as if you just made it!

Have a great idea for the next meal/snack combo that we should tackle? Send us an email via the form below. We'd love to hear from you! Contact us.


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