Green Factor

At Contain This! we are not only committed to bringing you a great sandwich solution in Perfect Sandwich, but are also intent on delivering a product with integrity, respect for the planet and a social consciousness into your home
– Will Archie, Founder

According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, aluminum foil and other plastic enclosures account for 400,000 tons of our nation’s municipal solid waste stream. Only 10% of that was recovered or recycled, leaving 360,000 tons of waste in the landfills.

Perfect Sandwich eliminates the need for costly disposable bags, plastic and aluminum wraps, styrofoam and other food storage solutions by providing a reusable, self-cooling container to transport your food. When you choose Perfect Sandwich to transport lunches to school, work or play, you are doing your part to help save the environment.

Environmental issues can take years to reverse and effort on the part of us all is required to change our habits.

Incorporating Perfect Sandwich into your lifestyle makes for an easy answer to this challenge.


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