Most Frequently asked question

Where can I buy Perfect Sandwich?

Perfect Sandwich is available from these stores.

How do I clean and maintain my Perfect Sandwich container?

You can find specific advice and guidelines on product care here.

What about condiments?

Our research has shown that most of the sogginess comes from absorption of liquids from the fresh ingredients (meat, cheese, veggies), not the condiments. Therefore, we recommend spreading your favorite condiments on the bread before placing the bread in to the dry compartment of Perfect Sandwich.

What about large rolls and bagels?

Perfect Sandwich can easily accommodate 85% of the breads produced within the U.S. Although Perfect Sandwich was created with a standard bread size in mind, bagels will also fit and we encourage creativity when it comes to what you might put/fit in your Perfect Sandwich!  Stay tuned for future product introductions from Contain This!

I love the sturdiness but it’s a bit heavy…

The weight comes from the PerfectCHILL cooling pack. PerfectCHILL keeps your meal chilled longer and using less weight than the standard 8oz. gel pack commonly used in lunches.  Plus you won't get the usual mess from a melting gel pack! Don't need a chilled lunch? Don't worry, you can always remove the PerfectCHILL and use it next time.

Can I microwave Perfect Sandwich?

Although the components are microwave safe, we do not recommend microwaving Perfect Sandwich due to the stainless steel hinges. The stainless steel hinges could heat up in the microwave and melt or damage the surrounding housing.

Do I have to use the PerfectCHILL?

No, if you don’t want to keep your sandwich cool, you can use Perfect Sandwich without the PerfectCHILL. Just be careful to not let your sandwich get too warm or the sandwich may go bad—using the PerfectCHILL is safest for a healthy sandwich.

My middle partition won’t expand, what am I doing wrong?

Be sure to close the partition first before gently pushing through to expand it. Then you’ll have a larger compartment to transport your entire sandwich.

How do I prevent my family from getting sick from food?

Most common food poisonings result from eating foods that contain large numbers of harmful bacteria or bacteria-produced toxins.

Perishable foods must be kept either cold or hot. In order to prevent bacteria from growing in your food, keep hot foods hot - above 140°F- and cold foods cold - below 40°F. Perishable food should not be held in this temperature range for more than 2-3 hours --including preparation time.

The recommendations for keeping lunches cold are particularly important when the lunch contains a sandwich with eggs, roast beef, turkey, fish, poultry or other cooked meats, because these are quite perishable.  Reusable ice packs or insulated lunch carriers do help to keep your sandwich cold. Our PerfectCHILL® cooling technology is a lab tested solution that keeps the perishable contents of your sandwich at optimally cool temperatures until you are ready to eat.  



Our PerfectCHILL® cooling technology has been proven to keep the contents of your sandwich cool within the USDA guidelines of 40° F for approximately 5 hours.  After which room temperature is not reached for almost 8 hours. The closest leading insulated container only held the safe food temperature for 1 hour!   Using Perfect Sandwich, you will be worry-free about food borne illnesses that can result from improper storage.  You can enjoy a sandwich, prepared hours earlier, that is as fresh, cold and crisp as the moment it was made.